An all-new Electrolux Professional concept kitchen has been made specifically for supermarket chains to help solve their food waste issues. Yet, it’s so much more – not only equipped with appliances, but support and expertise in training and recipes from chefs close at hand.

The ‘Zero Waste, All Taste’ concept revolves around the One-Ingredient Menu, developed by chefs from Electrolux Professional’s Chef Academy to demonstrate how a gourmet menu can be created from basic, healthy, low cost produce that is always present on store shelves.

Given that supermarkets have produce that goes to waste when expiry dates are overdue, Professional has come up with a new shop-in-shop proposal. It is designed to give shoppers a unique eat in or take away dining experience whilst helping to bring retail food waste down to zero.

Let’s take the humble carrot for example: a full-course gourmet menu has been designed using this one ingredient that, instead of being destined for garbage, can be transformed into a fresh, gastronomic consumer experience.

Thai Carrot Soup

The result is a high-traffic and margin opportunity for the retailer that also demonstrates their contribution to smarter cooking and sustainable living.

“The purpose is to totally change our relationship with retailers,” says Ilaria Meneghin, Global Segment Manager Retail “As a partner, it is not just about sales of appliances but also the complexity of a kitchen layout, a maintenance program and recipe development with food cost analysis and staff training”.

The movable kitchen concept that can be opened and closed caters for around 700 portions per day, allowing customers to choose from a menu that combines a zero waste philosophy, seasonality and the latest food trends.

It houses a mobile cooking station, with ovens, blast chillers, refrigerator counters, dynamic preparation solutions and the recently launched SpeeDelight. Aside from the target segment of supermarket chains, the concept could be used within other retail outlets as well as airports and train station

“As well from giving Electrolux Professional visibility and sales opportunities in the supermarket segment, we are providing a differentiated approach at a time when they are looking for something new,” adds Silvano Costantini, Sales Manager, Retail, Italy. 

Zero Waste, All Taste has been developed alongside Epta, a European market leader in refrigerated solutions for retailers. The concept was recently launched at Euroshop 2017, the number one retail trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany.

“The response was incredibly positive,” Meneghin adds. “With worldwide retailers in attendance, we saw interest from Europe and the Middle East and by proposing personalization of the concept we also see potential for the US market.”



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